What is Restorative Dentistry?

Restorative dentistry - young woman with great smileThe term restorative dentistry refers to the comprehensive management of oral health while returning the mouth to an esthetic and functional state.  Restorative dentistry is the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of oral diseases.  Dr. Gordon will suggest a treatment plan to restore teeth that are chipped, cracked, decayed, discolored or even missing.  If you teeth are affected by any trauma or developmental related defects, you are probably a good candidate for restorative care.  Whether you are in need of dental implants, dental veneers, dental crowns, or teeth whitening, there are several restorative dentistry options available depending on your needs.  The main goals of our office is for you to have excellent oral health and smile you can be proud of.

What to Expect During Your First Restorative Dentistry Visit

Restorative Dentistry - Dr. Gordon Taking XraysDr. Gordon will diagnose your oral health condition during a routine visit using visual and cutting edge radiographic techniques to analyze your teeth’s surfaces. She will also take the time to go over your health and oral history.  She will also learn about what your restorative dentistry goals are.  Depending on the extent of your restorative dentistry treatment, it can be minimally invasive and can be performed in one to two visits.  If you are in need of more complex dental treatment, you may need multiple dental visits.

With all the recent advances in restorative dentistry, Dr. Gordon will discuss all the options available for enhanced effectiveness in your treatment and what to expect before, during and following any procedures.  Dr. Gordon will decide the best types of sedation, numbing or anesthesia to use during procedures to make sure you are free of anxiety and discomfort throughout any procedure.   At Dr. Gordon’s office, our goals is to always make sure you are comfortable and we cater to those who have been afraid of having dental work done in the past.

Call Today for the Best Restorative Dentistry Care

Restorative Dentistry - Older Couple with Great SmilesWhether you are looking for preventative dental care or restorative dental care, we will provide you with dentistry procedures with compassionate care.  We offer modern dentistry in a warm and inviting environment so you can relax and not be anxious.  Call us today to make an appointment and feel free to ask questions or to make any special requests to make your visit with us as pleasurable as possible.