State-of-the-Art Palm Harbor Dental Services

The patients at Gordon Dentistry, receive the most up-to-date Palm Harbor dental services.  We offer digital radiography (x-rays) which produces 80% less radiation than standard x-rays.  Our cutting edge intraoral cameras and patient-positioned video monitors allow patients to instantly view images on our computer monitor screens.  With our state-of-the-art Palm Harbor dental services and a simple click of the mouse, Dr. Gordon can zoom into any area, rotate the image, or sharpen it for better diagnosis.  For a Palm Harbor Dentist that offers a fresh approach to modern dentistry, request an appointment today with our easy to use online form.

Palm Harbor Dentist that Offers Compassionate Care

At Gordon Dentistry, we work hard to build a foundation of trust by treating each patient as a distinct individual.  We have a private consultation room where we get to know about you, your health, and your dental needs.  By reviewing your medical history, we can stay abreast of factors that may influence your oral health.  We strive to make our Palm Harbor dental services as comfortable, pleasant and relaxing as possible.

Palm Harbor Dental Services for a Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Nothing gives you more confidence than a dazzling smile and there is nothing that makes the Gordon Dentistry team happier than providing you with a beautiful smile.  It is the goal of this Palm Harbor dentist office to make sure you have a smile that you can be proud of.  So whether you need preventive services to preserve your healthy smile or cosmetic work to achieve the smile you have always wanted, call us today for a winning smile you will be sure to want to show off.

A Family Dentist in Palm Harbor Offering Dazzling Smiles

Make Gordon Dentistry your one stop family dentist in Palm Harbor.  From grandparents, parents, and kids, our team looks forward providing your family with the dental services you need, no matter what age.  We also treat periodontal disease and work with the top periodontists in the area.  Some of the Palm Harbor dental services we provide are:

So if you are looking for a Palm Harbor Dentist, look no further.  Contact us today and we promise to provide you with the latest dental technology, a comfortable visit and a beautiful smile.  Feel free to call us at 727-724-4227 with any questions about our services and any concerns you may have.  Dr. Nicole Gordon and her team look forward to providing your whole family with dazzling smiles for life.

Gordon Dentistry offers many Palm Harbor Dental Services

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