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At Gordon Dentistry, we provide Dunedin dental services that are sure to impress you. Our team works hard to build lasting relationships with our clients by treating each patient as a unique individual.  In our private consultation room we learn about you, your health, along with your dental needs and educate on preventative optimal dental care.  Gordon Dentistry not only focuses on your smile but your overall health.  This helps us be aware of any factors that may affect your oral health.  We work hard to make our Dunedin dental services environment relaxed, comfortable, and as pleasant as possible.

A Dunedin Dentist for a Healthy and Dazzling Smile

Nothing gives you more self-assurance than a beautiful smile.  The Gordon Dentistry team takes great pride in providing their patients with the confidence that comes from a winning smile.  It is the objective of this Dunedin dentist office to provide you with a smile you can be proud of.  So whether you need cosmetic work to achieve the smile you have always wanted or preventive care to preserve your healthy smile, call us today for the smile you can be happy to show off.

Gordon Dentistry Providing Cutting-Edge Technology

Our Palm Harbor Dentist office is conveniently located and only minutes away from providing state-of-the-art dental services to Dunedin residents.  We offer our patients digital radiography (x-rays) which generates 80% less radiation than conventional x-rays.  Our innovative intraoral cameras and patient-positioned video monitors allow patients to comfortably view what is going on with our computer monitor screens.  Our cutting-edge equipment allows Dr. Gordon to zoom into any area, sharpen the image or rotate it with a simple click of the mouse.  We are a dentist for Dunedin residents that offers the latest approach to modern dentistry.  Contact us today to for more information on how we can help you get a dazzling smile.

A Family Dentist for Dunedin Residents of All Ages

If you have a hectic schedule, make Gordon Dentistry your family dentist for Dunedin families on the go.  Whether a parent, grandparent, or child, our Dunedin dental services team looks forward to helping you achieve a winning smile, no matter what your age.  We also treat periodontal disease and work with the top periodontists in the area.  We are a Dunedin Dentist that offers some of the following services:

So if you are looking for Dunedin dental services, look no further.  No matter what your age, we look forward to providing you with a comfortable visit, the latest dental technology, and a winning smile.  For more information, you can call us at 727-724-4227  to request an appointment or feel free to use our fast and easy online form.  The Gordon Dentistry team look forward to providing you and your whole family with winning smiles for life.

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